e bike 500w e-02

Aluminum Alloy frame

Aluminum Alloy frame is light weight and strong. 

Size reference to human body engineering, to ensure comfort.

electric bicycle has a 250-500 Watt rear brushless hub motor for power supply. Brushless motor has high reliability, good stability and strong adaptability, simple maintenance and maintenance.

Strong power, continuous output.


High quality lithium battery. Technology giving you the best performance possible. High quality batteries are designed to deliver the most reliable and long lasting power. 

24V/ 36V/ 48V 10AH   High quality lithium battery


Front Disc brake Rear Disc brake Or Available.

1. Good heat dissipation.

2. Sensitive

3. Easy to maintenance.

4. Effectively prevent lock

5. High security


26"Rubber tires for our Electric bicycle, increase the cycling grip, Climbing performance and void skidding.[q1] 

Designed for electric bicycle. Suitable for all kinds of terrain


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